Outpost Firewall Pro x64 8.0 B 4164.652.1

Outpost Firewall Pro is an advanced and essential solution to maintain online safety.

Outpost Firewall Pro x64 8.0 B 4164.652.1

Outpost Firewall Pro is an advanced and essential solution to maintain online safety. Its advanced protection components make sure you're reliably defended on the Internet against the major risks, while performance optimizations keep your system running at full speed without significant performance hit.

Due to predefined applications security policies and the system for optional collaborative access rules creation called ImproveNet, the program is really easy to use and suitable for inexperienced home users. The integrated anti-spyware module defends against the broad range of malicious programs, including Trojans and worms. Subsequent file scans complete much faster because the technology at the heart of it, called SmarScan 3, will examine only the items altered since the last scan.

The award-winning firewall guards users' network access, keeping them safe from inappropriate or malicious connections, loss of private data, unwanted program activity, automated probes. Furthermore, this firewall includes the Attack Detection engine that will protect networks against internal breaches as well as eavesdropping.

The Host Protection module takes a new approach to combating malware: it pre-empts the infection by examining system activity and controlling which operations are permitted. This type of defense-in-advance approach helps halt unknown malware before it can activate its destructive payload. Special tamper-proof technologies that safeguard the integrity of Outpost components ensure protection cannot be deactivated by targeted attacks.

USB block will restrict access to remote storage devices to keep the PC safe from viruses and data leak. The versatile Web Control module safeguards you against the Internet's darker side by steering away from blacklisted sites, limiting your exposure to potentially unsafe web properties and blocking display of Internet clutter such as ads and pop-ups.
Release notes: New Release
The following improvements have been made:
TE New, more user-friendly interface
TE Full compatibility with Windows 8
TE Improved 64-bit OS protection
TE Smaller installation package
TE Improved compatibility with Microsoft Action Center
TE Updated network activity presets for system processes.

The following issues have been fixed:
TE The vulnerability after reverting to non-GUI operation mode (Computer Lock)
TE The firewall crashing under Windows 8
TE Several service and GUI crashes
TE ICMP traffic on Windows 8 is now filtered correctly
TE Issues with sending excess information to ImproveNet
TE GUI freeze when the Event Viewer is in use
TE Certain graphical element positioning errors
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